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Holistic New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s premiere resource of wellness and care. This website gives a quick access guide to many holistic businesses and providers across New Hampshire!

Working with Water

I am a water nerd! I love all things water. Did you know that water is the ultimate healing vessel? Water is more than just liquid; it is a life force and holds more magick than I could write in one blurb. These websites are amazing tools to get you started in the world of water magick and wisdom.

Yoga | Reiki | Alternative Medicine/Healing

It is easy to type in the GPS and go to Yoga studios and it is so much fun to try out new studios. Here are a list of studios, shops and practitioners that I have been to and have enjoyed.

I love Hot Yoga, this studio is very come as you are and I have loved the experience with interactions with the owner and the patrons. If you are in the Tamworth area it is more than worth it.

I have worked personally with Christina Alexa; I taught yoga in her Studio 2020 took her arial yoga classes and experienced her reiki circles. She is truly a genuine and amazing soul. I highly recommend any service that she offers. 

I remember when this center opened, what a beautiful space for wellness and healing. Since opening they have added new services and more loving staff.

As a therapist I absolutely love my work and the work I do with individuals. I believe that therapists need their own therapist/therapy tool to work through their own “stuff”. One way I have been able to do that is through hypnotism and past life regression. I have worked with Michael and I really could speak volumes about how amazing he and his work is. Not only does he offer an amazing service but his center in Madison, NH has a beautiful walking labyrinth, that I had the privilege to add plants too.

This is a beautiful herbal shop. She has tinctures, teas, classes, workshops and offers energy healing as well. Every time I walk into this space I am excited and have to contain myself from buying all the herbs!

Maternity | Natural Minded Mamas | Birthing Resources

In our society today the birthing process and experience has changed dramatically. I wanted to share a section here in my resources page for mamas and families that want options and more support and knowledge. Birth is beautiful and does not have to feared.

This website connects thoughts of families with NH business around holistic birth and services, education and a wealth of information.

This is a COMING SOON! A beautiful woman, mind – body – and soul, Ms. Jennie Sweets is soon to be launching this non – profit, that will be more than I could write in a small blurb.

A midwife that comes highly recommended. She offers more than just midwifery services and has a wealth of knowledge for Mama’s and family members.

Other Resources

When I started my Reiki journey I was young, I knew that I always wanted to be attuned and learn the practices and deepen my knowledge. When I met Christine I was blown away by her energy, her joy, and overall love for what she does in this world. Christine attuned me for both my Reiki 1 and 2 levels with Holy Fire Reiki energy. I am beyond blessed. Christine offers many other talents, classes and services and is worth checking out! 

Amber is a business mentor, dream doula and speaker, she is a resident here in New Hampshire. I was fortunate enough to engage in one of her free classes/challenges and I absolutely loved it. I love her mission and she is another great resource tool for business, for motivation in starting those projects you think are hard to reach.

Britt is a Spiritual Life Coach and an Entrepreneurial Coach (and web designer!)

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