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A Therapist's Anxiety for Writing a Blog

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

I have been a licensed therapist since 2017; a therapeutic space holder since I can remember. I have struggled with self - esteem and confidence through multiple stages in my life. I have always loved writing and sharing my visions, thoughts, ideas. They move like a swift moving river and it is hard sometimes to capture them all at once. Which then leads me to being terrible with grammar and formulating written sentences. In 4th grade I wanted to be a great orator like President Madison; I wouldn't have to worry about people reading my manifestos and what not and get distracted by my atrocious grammar. I also wouldn't see my grandfather in my mind shaking his head with disappointment. His mother was an English teacher, he would grill it into us about proper grammar and edict. It definitely didn't stick as well as it should of, but what did stick was an impeding feeling of not being as intelligent as those that could write better. Now, was this my grandfathers plan? Absolutely not. But that is the thing, as we grow up and as we have various relationships, even with healthy loving individuals, parents, caregivers, etc., there is still those passed down generational and ancestral curses/wounds/traumas, etc., that follow us into our adult lives. This is not our fault and when we can stop blaming others and ourselves for these patterns and experiences we offer the opportunity for healing to come in. Healing not just for ourselves, but for the whole ancestral line and lineage. I chose a small, seemingly insignificant aspect in my life to bring this topic up, but it has shaped so much of my thought patterns around my productivity and quality of work. Quality being one of my core values, this "insignificant" pattern and thought has impacted me greatly. So, what about other situations, around feelings of worthiness, more intense situations that we carry. It sticks with us. Even if consciously we are unaware, our subconscious forgets nothing.

So now, here I am, bravely writing my first blog post on my professional website. Not a private blog account, not a pseudo - name, here, on my professional website. I will be honest with you, I am very proud of this website, I am very proud of the work I do, of the people I serve and work with. So, to put anything on my website means that I value it greatly.

We all have so many things that affect our day to day. It is how we react and response to those things that we must take a look at. We are always one self - aware moment away from recognizing it and working on healing what calls. There is no order of the healing work that we do, we do it little by little. Step by step. Inch by inch. All of it is important, in any capacity.

I am so excited to share this Earth journey with you. Thank you for visiting, I hope the opportunity to work with you. If all my interactions are with you is for you to read even just this blog, thank you. I am glad you found me, I am full of gratitude you felt drawn to read to the end.

You are enough. I am enough. We are everything and nothing less. We are enough.

Below is a song by Sia, the lyrics are quite powerful, I hope you enjoy it and feel moved to know that you can do anything.

Aristole states, "Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all", so may we in the age of Aquarius feel driven to share our truths and the wisdoms we offer. We are all Sages.

If you feel ever there is any post or information shared you resonate with, please feel free to share my content on your social media platforms. I hope to be able to share light, understanding, and new perspectives to all communities.

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