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Breaking Curses & Cleansing Codes with Carol Cleary.

Last month I had the honor of working with Carol Cleary. The Expo that I was apart of back in April that my mother joined me was spectacular, it was there we got to meet Carol. At the Expo there were all kinds of vendors and different healing modalities that I had never been privy too, lots of raffles and experiences were had that day. My mother had entered into winning a free Body Coding appointment and sure enough she won! However, she gifted it to me and was excited for me to try it out. So last month I booked an appointment with Carol and had my first experience with Body Coding.

If you are unfamiliar with Body Coding it was developed by a man named Bradley Nelson, he created the Body and Emotion Coding. I had been aware of the Emotion Coding experience, there is a terrific podcast that I will share, about it, so I was eager to see how Body vs. Emotion Coding worked.

You can also visit Carol's website for more in-depth description of her work by clicking the button below.

I was very much not disappointed with my experience with Body Coding. I am excited to schedule another appointment to work out more items within my body code.

Carol took such a caring approach and spending time and care with explaining and building rapport that it felt comfortable sharing my experience as the appointment went along. It turned out I had been carrying a curse from 68 generations back on my father's paternal side of the family! That wasn't even the most wild part of this whole endeavor either!

As Carol was cleansing and removing this curse I had this very heavy and dark voice come through and begin yelling at me. I had been reciting an affirmation as she was doing the exercises needed to break the curse, "I am allowed to be successful, I can see myself as successful", as I was reciting this to myself very loudly, and not my voice I could hear from the corner of my mind, "No you fucking aren't. Who the hell do you think you are". It made my entire body feel cold and this energy was so angry about the breaking of this curse.

I shared this feeling and voice with Carol and we quickly sat down and worked through the coding process and found that I had an entity attached to me from when I was 9 - years old. Which, ironically was also the time I began experiencing sleep paralysis.

The first time I had ever been stuck inside my body with sleep paralysis, I will never forget. I was stuck in a dark raging ocean and there were these two demonic dog like creatures swimming towards me. I remember as a child trying to scream for my mother but I couldn't because I was trapped. As these demonic creatures were catching up to me I remember squeaking out, "mom", how she heard me was mother - spidy-senses I swear, she came rushing in and woke me up. From that point on I can vividly remember all my sleep paralysis dreams and they always involve a raging demonic creature. Over the years I had gotten stronger and I had sent it away and would not allow it to beat me. But it would still come up and test me from where it lurked.

So, when we uncovered this I was not surprised and all the light bulbs were going off as a form of finally! I have an answer! Cleansing and cutting this entity out of my energy aura, I can honestly say was one of the most intense experiences of my life. I would have to say that it felt like what an exorcism could be like.

Carol called in the ascended masters, Archangel Michael and Rafael, I called upon my own Archangel, Jophiel. As well as my ancestors, great spirit, and the protective properties of water (we know how much I honor water). I stood by the open window and shut my eyes, I remember holding onto each of my elbows and settling into my body. As Carol was working on setting herself up, I could literally feel my body rocking backwards, as if this dark entity was pulling me back expressing they were not going to leave me so easy. But just as this was happening I could feel all the ascended masters and archangels and ancestors entering the room and beginning to pull me forward. I could visualize and see a vortex of water surrounding me, spiraling upwards and I right in the middle. It felt so comforting and supportive, I began to weep.

When Carol began to break the hold of this entity and work through cutting these chords I could physically feel my body being pulled and ripped and moved, energetically it was insanely intense. But the lightness that I felt after it was over was incredible. I remember telling Carol how different I felt. I truly felt like a different person, it was so bizarre. She reassured me and she expressed that for the past 27 - years I had been carrying this entity with me. It was feeding off different negative parts of me so it is only natural to feel very different. She expressed that I should not do anymore big cleansing for at least a week or two, which I agreed. I felt such a rush and then later on that day I was very much ready for bed.

I look forward to another session with Carol. I strongly recommend anyone to go see her! If you have any questions or would like to know more about my experience I would love to share. Send me a message on my contacts page, I would love to share more of my experiences with you.

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